The brilliance of Sir Tim Berners-Lee to invent the World Wide Web has long been restricted by antiquated copper/fibre networks . At long last the invention now stands as a platform for a British company to allow its full potential.

Time For Pure Gigabit Fibre!

YES, that’s 1000mbps! No more misleading offers of fibre broadband pretending to be Pure Fibre, no more confusing speed packages of less than 10 mbps. The moment has arrived for a new revolution, Pure Gigabit Fibre Broadband as the norm on a Pure Fibre Broadband connection.
Why would you consider fake fibre broadband’s confusing slow speed when you can have the fastest…Let’s give Sir Tim’s invention what it deserves!

Pure Fibre Broadband only provide a minimum of Pure Gigabit Speed.


Slow Copper!

Copper broadband is gone and the new age is upon us! British Fibre Networks use exclusive fibre technology, providing 1Gbps Upload & Download speeds.

Gone are the days of empty promises from broadband suppliers, don’t settle for anything less than truly unrivalled speeds from the UK’s number one Pure Fibre Broadband supplier!

The new generation is Pure Gigabit Fibre, don’t get left behind!

Welcome To The

New Generation of Broadband

Meet our fastest broadband yet! Offering 1Gbps download as well as 1Gbps upload, the new generation of broadband is here. Our 1Gig package allows you to connect as many devices as you need, whilst providing speeds that will blow your socks off.

In many properties, broadband will slow down when multiple devices are attempting to utilise the internet, however, our 1Gig package allows you to connect multiple devices and simultaneously stream, download, game and everything in between – without breaking a sweat!

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It's Time For

Unrivalled Speed

If you are looking for a truly unrivalled speed with outstanding coverage and reliability then this package is for you.

All of the housing developments that British Fibre Networks are partnered with are pre-installed with the latest technology allowing Pure Fibre Broadband to enable our Superfast 1Gig package!


Pure Fibre Broadband's 1Gig?



Stream Ultra High Definition, 4K, 8K or anything in between, our 1Gig package can handle it!

Unlimited Devices

Do you have a property with many connected devices? No problem for our 1Gig package!

Rapid Sharing

Feel the difference when uploading, downloading or sharing files using our 1Gig Broadband.

Smart Hub Router

Pure Fibre Broadband's Smart Router gives you unrivalled signal and reliability!

1Gig Broadband

1Gbps Upload
1Gbps Download